Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Marriage Plan

Marriage Plan
An ideal marriage for one's child is a cherished dream of every parent. Realization of this dream is not an easy task. A little foresight, however, can make it possible. What you need is a long term financial plan to help this dream come true. Let EFU Life provide you with the comfort of a guaranteed secure future for your children.
EFU Marriage Plan helps you save systematically so that you can give your child the much-needed financial security for the years to come. The Plan provides a complete financial planning package for you to plan for expenses associated with your children’s marriage. Planning in advance through the Marriage Plan for your child’s or even grandchild’s wedding celebrations now allows you to spread the cost over time, giving your savings a chance of significant growth.
The Plan provides high value savings, coupled with a guaranteed level of life assurance protection and flexibility, with various options to customize the benefits according to your needs.
Simply put, EFU Marriage Plan gives you the freedom to enjoy every moment with your children today, without worrying about their future tomorrow. 

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